He’s Just Not That Into You

He’s Just Not That Into You is a classic chick flick film

It usually gets watched with the girls when one of you gets dumped.

Or when one of you wants to decode that guy you fancy’s behavior.

And by decode i mean you’re searching for that one answer that guy’s can never seem to be straightforward about “IS HE INTO ME?”

do you like me.gif

It’s a known fact that girls overthink and boys… well they never think.

As a girl I’ve sat and analysed entire conversations I’ve had with boys, even if the conversation was about food. Lol


Yes, as girls we really do analyse EVERYTHING.

In the past, I’ve thought so hard about conversations I’ve had with boys that I’ve given myself a headache.

I mean boys have given me plenty of headaches (and heartaches). It’s kind of what they do.

Why is it hard to find someone who will just be upfront about the way they feel about you.

Or even better, why is it hard to find a guy who is only down for you and not 10 other girls?


What I’ve came to learn is that men are genetically programmed to always want new and exciting things.

They love the chase.

Problem is, after they get you they sometimes get bored.

If only they could always treat you the way they did when they were still chasing you?

So to those girls out there who have managed to find a guy that does , bravo to you!

Annnd maybe tell us your secret?

Over Christmas I attended a party that was mostly filled with adults who were married and had children.

I was also having boy trouble (obviously) and we all know wine helps heartbreak.


 After a few glasses (bottles) of wine I got brave and started to pour my heart out to these women thinking that they could offer me some comfort about how i’ll eventually meet the right one, and this painful phase of dating fuckboys will come to an end.

But instead they dropped their own bombshells on me.

“My husband still sometimes makes me feel insecure” WHAT

“I never really ever got over that boy I dated in my teens” GREAT

Then it suddenly dawned on me…

All these gorgeous, successful married women were all feeling what I was feeling..

Not good enough.



I began to realize that it doesn’t matter how old you are, guys will always be from Mars and we need to learn how to know where we stand on our own.

So after this discovery I decided that in order to make any progress in the dating game, I needed to know why boys do certain things and what they mean.

Such as being able to tell if a guy genuinely  likes me or if he’s just stringing me along for fun.

Here are what I consider as the signs for when a guy is just NOT that into you:

  1. Sometimes he blanks your messages.



We have all been there and there’s nothing worse than feeling this kind of rejection.

Why can’t he just say “Hey, I don’t think I want to waste your time anymore i’m not that interested.”

Instead of making you feel like a complete idiot for putting yourself out there.

It’s probably because the asshole knows that he’s got you right where he wants.

which leads me to my next sign

2. The Booty Call


It’s 2am, you’re about to go to sleep when suddenly you get a text that reads “come mine”

Every girl has seen this text at least once in her inbox  and it’s kinda obvious what it means.

But you have two choices here, you either use him as much as he’s using you or get rid.

If you know that you actually like this guy the last thing you need to be is the girl he calls on a Friday at 2am!

Instead aim to be the girl he calls on a Saturday at 2pm.

3. He only talks about himself.


Urgh! I hate this type.

When a guy’s really into you he should care about how your day was or whats happening in your life.

Don’t get me wrong it’s nice that he wants to share all these things about himself  with you but just remember that it’s a two way street.

4. He doesn’t text you after hanging out.

whats wrong with me

You spend a really nice day together but when he leaves, you don’t hear from him for the next 10 years.

We all know that texting 24/7 can get boring and people do need their own space but does it hurt to check in on someone?

Guy’s don’t understand that It’s these little things that can make a girl really appreciate them.

5. He doesn’t make you feel special.


If he isn’t showing you off to his friends and family or refusing to make it official on social media, it’s probably because you aren’t his only girl.

Some guy’s are greedy, you could be the prettiest, kindest and most loving girl in the world and he will still need a side chick.

Or even worse… YOUR THE SIDE CHICK.

So delete his number because you aren’t a side order girls.

You aren’t garlic bread.

Even though garlic bread is delicious.




He gives you a restraining order….

I’ll admit that some guys make it known that they’re not that into you and ladies, sometimes we just gotta accept that and do some squats so he wishes he did have that ass 😉


But one thing you shouldn’t do is lower your standards and put up with any of the above just so you can have him in some way.

Know your worth because that’s going to make you a lot more attractive.

Wouldn’t you agree?

So if you’re single on valentines day maybe stick on John Tucker Must Die and enjoy being content on your own!


And sleep peacefully knowing  you have 99 problems but a low life boy ain’t one.



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