Who to love and how to love (Romance in 2015)

Love is an incredibly powerful thing.

It can cause people to do all kinds of crazy shit, i guess you can say it’s like a drug.

To me, it’s kind of like that feeling you get when you have had your first class of wine- you feel joyful and merry. Although, when you’re in love it doesn’t disappear when you wake up, it stays with you.

This feeling is so addictive that people tend to drift away from the whole aspect of what it means to fall in love, instead they become in love with the idea of love. This can cloud your brain and cast a fog over your common sense.

We forget WHO to love and instead we just want to love whoever is willing to love us.

So the real question is WHO should we love? and more importantly how do we know if it’s love or lust?

I guess growing up with a pretty old dad has made me appreciate old fashioned values and traditions. Today boyfriends invite you over to ‘netflix and chill’, whereas, my dad tells me all sorts of stories about what romance was like back in the day.

Of course, all his stories sound way more romantic than 2015.

I wish couples still wanted to go dancing, not put on netflix
I wish public declaration of love was still acceptable, not social suicide.
And I wish that all these ‘netflix and chill’ relationships didn’t create dull minded people.

Lets face it, today people are more willing to have sex with someone instead of asking them out on a date. we’re a generation of dead end conversations and teen mums.

Maybe we should try and connect with someone spiritually and emotionally before physically?

I’m not saying that all relationships that begin this way are doomed but they can be awkward when you have opened yourself up to a person who you don’t even really know.

And all these ‘laid back’ relationships can make things difficult when you find a real one.

I mean if you have spent your time laying in bed with a guy for most of your previous relationships how the hell do you suddenly acquire reasonable social skills? Boys already make me nervous, now we have to actually talk? No thanks.

Which makes things even more traumatizing for me because my shyness kind of makes me look boring and miserable when really i’m trying to not do/say the wrong thing.

Realistically it takes time for people to come out of their shell and i don’t think everyone has the patience for that.

That’s probably why it’s more common today to have fuck buddies instead of being in an actual relationship. Because most of us don’t even know what relationships are anymore.

Personally, I want to find a best friend before i find a boyfriend. So i know for sure that i am in love with the right person for all the right reasons.

Then maybe we can ‘netflix and chill.’


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